Pools in the 1960’s in New Zealand were mostly ‘fill and draw’, meaning they were filled at the beginning of the week and emptied at the end of the week then refilled from either town supplies, creeks or streams. To keep them looking good, copper sulfate was thrown in, which had a minor effect of controlling bugs but made the water look bright blue.

Lewis Cameron decided that he could do things better. Back then filters generally came from the USA, and boy were they expensive!  So, in the ’60’s,  Lewis began manufacturing pressure sand filters followed very quickly by gravity or vacuum sand filters.  Then, in the 70’s, he built the first vacuum and pressure DE filters in New Zealand.

Lewis was involved in the creation of the Association of Swimming Pool Managers in the 1960s, and through Filtration and Pumping Commercial (FPC), was a major sponsor of the Association. FPC has held this role ever since.

In the 1980’s, after a time in the Air Force, Lewis’ son David joined the business.  He was first involved with the Pool Managers in 1985 and continued FPC’s support of the industry as the premier sponsor of the Swimming Pool Managers Association, providing advice, support, and equipment across the country to hundreds of facilities.

FPC has seen the aquatics industry body through its evolution, a number of name changes and continues to support it today. As leaders in our field, we have contributed to the New Zealand Standards, and the guidelines our industry works to today.

In late 2021, David sold FPC to Watershed.  As part of the Watershed Group, FPC will continue to lead the industry by offering a design and construction service, supporting the people we work for as well as continuing the principles that the Cameron family has established. Our portfolio of completed projects ranges from major aquatic venues to maintaining and building much smaller facilities.

Our track record speaks volumes about our reliability, reputation, and support as New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of water treatment equipment.  In conjunction with our parent company, we are now able to manage every aspect of the process, from consultation and design to full plant room installation and ongoing support.

The technology, brands, and systems we represent are the foundation for our success, and we are proud to support our industry’s communities.

FPC manufacture, supply, and install:

  • Gravity sand filters
  • Pressure sand filters
  • Pressure Diatomaceous Earth filters
  • In-line filters
  • Large Vacuum Diatomaceous Earth filters
  • Gas Chlorination
  • pH correction
  • Hypochlorite generators
  • Chemical feed pumps for Calcium and Sodium Hypochlorite solution feed
  • Ozone generation and injection
  • Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Sterilisation

Our success is underpinned by the technology, brands and systems we represent, we pride ourselves on supporting our client at a community level.