Filtration and Pumping Commercial Limited
7 Tiki Place, Palmerston North
New Zealand 4412.

PO Box 411 Fielding New Zealand 4740.

Email : fpc@xtra.co.nz

Telephone: +64 6 358 1933
Facsimilie: +64 6 356 6218.
New Zealand 4740.


FPC is involved in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of Water Treatment equipment. FPC manufacture:

  • Gravity sand filters,
  • Pressure sand filters,
  • Pressure Diatomaceous Earth filters,
  • In-line filters and
  • Large Vacuum Diatomaceous Earth filters
  • for Public Pool applications, Industry and Municipal Water Supplies.

    FPC manufacture and supply the most comprehensive range of equipment associated with swimming and spa pools, both domestic and commercial in New Zealand and the Pacific Rim countries.

    FPC also offers a service throughout New Zealand and the Pacific for:

  • Gas Chlorination,
  • pH correction,
  • Hypochlorite generators,
  • Chemical feed pumps for Calcium and Sodium Hypochlorite solution feed,
  • and Ozone generation and injection.
  • Over the past years, we have also manufactured trickle irrigation sand filters, both high and low pressure, manual and automatic together with after-strainers of various capacities. Our history in Water Treatment goes back to 1958.

    FPC is a private, family-owned New Zealand manufacturing and contracting company and is currently involved in supply to New Zealand, Australia and overseas markets. Our present operation commenced in August 1978, and the Directors all have considerable experience in the Water Treatment field.

    Scott Antrobus
    Grant Prankerd
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